Keeping The Connection Alive After Cremation Services

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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When someone close to you passes on and you have cremation services in Port Washington, NY, some of the people at that service will leave and move on with their lives. But when it’s someone really special in your life, like a spouse, a parent, or a best friend, it can be a lot harder. You might feel guilty for moving on or you might feel like you are starting to forget the sound of their voice. There’s no reason you have to shut that person out of your life, even if they are no longer with you in body. Here are a few ways to keep the connection alive so you can honor and remember them well into the future.

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Keep Pictures Up

If you have pictures of your loved one on your wall, don’t take them down just because they have passed away. In fact, it’s better to leave them up and maybe move them somewhere special or more prominent so you can view them more often as you think about them. If you don’t have pictures up already, perhaps you want to add a few to keep the person in mind as you move through your life.

Write Letters

Did the person who passed away always send you a card on your birthday? Did they email you every week, updating you on their life? It’s okay to write to the person who passed away doing the same. Tell them what’s happening at work, why you miss them on their birthday, and anything else you’d say to them if they were still there. This can be cathartic to you, and it can help you feel the connection, even if you can’t send anything to them.

Visit Their Resting Place

There may come some days when all you want to do is talk to the person you are missing. The closest you can get to feeling like they are with you is to visit their final resting place and talk to them. That could be in a cemetery or it might be wherever you scattered their ashes. Find a quiet time and have a conversation, telling them what you miss about them. It can make you feel better to keep their memory close to you at their resting place.

Talk About Them

Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean you have to stop bringing them up. When you think of a story that involves them, tell it. Share memories with others and that connection between the two of you will be solid, even now.

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