Talking Someone Into Planning Cremation Services

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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cremation services in Port Washington, NYIt’s hard to talk to people about death and their own eventual passing. But having cremation services in Port Washington, NY planned out in advance can definitely benefit family members and a lot of others around the event. While those who might be up the scale in age or those who are ill might think about their own passing more, it’s never too early to plan ahead. You can be young and perfectly healthy and still have plans in place. If there’s something in your life who you would like to have plans for, here are a few things you can say that might convince them to make their own plans.

I’ll Do It If You’ll Do It

Ah, peer pressure. In this case, it can be a thing of beauty. If you want a loved one, say your spouse, to plan their own services, highlight the benefits of having those plans made in advance. Then, tell them if they do it, you will, too. When you both have plans in place, they will benefit whichever one of your passes away first as well as the person left behind. You both know what the other wants and no one has to make any plans when the time comes, which can relieve a huge burden. IT’s also nice if you’re able to pay for the plans in advance to take that burden away as well.

Do It For Me/The Family

While some people don’t like doing things for themselves, they are willing to do just about anything for their family. If your loved one doesn’t see the need to plan their final services for their sake, they might be willing to move forward for their family’s best interest. Tell them that it’s much easier for family members not to have to guess what someone wanted. Even if they know what your loved one wants, having the plans laid out means they don’t have to take the time to make those plans themselves. It can be a huge relief.

You Can Save Money

For those who like a good bargain, this might be all you have to say. Planning a cremation now, and then following through with paying for it, can save a lot of money. You get to pay today’s prices and the services will occur in the future, whenever that might be, at no extra charge. You know prices are only going to go up so paying for things now over whatever the costs will be decades from now could be huge savings.

If you are trying to talk a loved one into planning their own cremation services in Port Washington, NY, get more details about the process from the professionals at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. We can show you price lists and packages and help you get what you need moving forward. Visit us at 75 Mineola Ave Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 to talk in person and look around. You can also call us at (516) 621-4545 to set up an appointment.

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