Do You Need An Urn Vault For Cremation Services?

Posted on February 1, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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cremation services in Albertson, NY

If you find yourself in the position of planning cremation services in Albertson, NY for a loved one for the very first time, there are likely a lot of questions that are going to go along with the process. If you decide you want to bury your loved one’s ashes, you will do so on your property, like in a garden, or you could do so in the cemetery of your choice. If you decide to bury the urn in a cemetery, you might need an urn vault. Here’s what that will do:

Protect The Urn And Remains

Urn vaults, just like vaults that go around caskets, are meant to protect the urn and the remains inside. That can give your family peace of mind over what will happen to the remains once they are underground. The vault surrounds the urn and protects it from the shifting earth that tends to happen over time. The vault won’t cave in or decimate the remains.

Requirements By Cemetery

You might need an urn vault simply because it is required by the cemetery. Some cemeteries require them to keep the integrity of their grounds. As mentioned, over time, the ground can sink in, but the vault protects that from happening and that allows those who visit the cemetery to have nice-looking, safe, even grounds to walk.

Portable Options

If you decide to put the urn in a vault before you bury it, whether in the cemetery or even in your own property, it will make the urn easier to find later, should you choose to do so? If you move to another state in the future, for example, you might want to relocate your loved one, too, so you can visit their grave and honor their memory much easier. The urn vault makes it possible and much easier to do so.


Just like you can buy an urn of many different types and styles, you can get an urn value of your choosing. The vaults can come in different materials, styles, sizes, and they can even have inscriptions and other details on them.

cremation services in Albertson, NY


Don’t feel like just because you need to buy an urn vault for a cemetery burial, you are going to break the bank. Urn vaults are very affordable, especially when you compare them to a casket or the vault that has to go around that product. You can get what you need on a budget.


If you need help with your loved one’s cremation services in Albertson, NY, including getting an urn vault or at least looking into those options, we’re here to help. We want you to have the information you need to make the decisions you have to make during this hard time. While it’s never going to be an easy process, we want you to get the compassion and support you need to make it as simple as possible as you grieve and spend time with your family.

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