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Posted on February 15, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under funeral home
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Once you have decided to have your loved one cremated with funeral homes in Manhasset, NY,, you will have to make lots of other decisions to go along with that one. You’ll want to decide what kind of final service to have for them, for example, and you’ll also want to decide what to do with their remains. Many people decide to scatter ashes, and that initiates another decision—where will you scatter them? While scattering is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and pay tribute to their life, there are certain places where you do not want to scatter them. Here are a few locations to exclude from your list.

The Beach

While lots of people adore the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, going for long walks, and watching the sun disappear over the horizon, the beach is actually not an appropriate place to have a scattering ceremony. It is illegal to scatter on the beach because the remains could come into contact with other people. That’s not a nice way to honor your loved one’s remains or respect others around you. You can scatter your loved one’s remains in the ocean, but you need to get a boat and take them a mile or two out to sea. Check the guidelines with the Coast Guard to get the details.

A Sports Stadium

While your loved one might adore the Cardinals baseball team, or another sports team, it’s best not to try and get their remains into the stadium to scatter them. Again, the remains can come into contact with other people, which isn’t respectful to them or to your loved one. If you attempt this, you again will be on the wrong side of the law and your loved one will be removed from the premises, which isn’t what you wanted, either.

Disney Parks

Yes, Disney World is known as the happiest place on earth. There are millions of people all over the world who adore it. And while your loved one might be a buff on all things Disney, they cannot have Disney World be their final resting place. Many people have tried it before, and they get kicked out and the remains get removed. It’s not a good idea to even try it, since it doesn’t work. Find somewhere more peaceful for your loved one where they won’t be removed and you in trouble.

The professionals at funeral homes in Manhasset, NY can help you figure out where you want your loved one to rest through a scattering ceremony. There are lots of options and plenty of locations to consider. If you have something general in mind, let us know your preferences and we’ll try to figure out what might be a good direction to take. We can also point you to the right experts who can give you rules and regulations of certain locations once you decide on a path to take. We’re here to help you stay on the right side of the law and help your loved one have a peaceful scattering.

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