Snacks To Provider After Cremation Services

Posted on April 26, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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Many families like to come together after a memorial service and have a reception of some kind. It’s a nice way to end cremation services in Westbury, NY, bring the family together, and give everyone more time together to support one another and just catch up. Often, these receptions include full meals, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If your family is all in the area and you are having the memorial service at a time that doesn’t denote a meal, you can get away with just having some snacks. Here are a few options to layout at the reception after the service:


Everyone loves a good dessert and if you or lots of people in your family love to bake, you can have quite a variety to offer. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite as well and you will want to include that as a specialty so everyone can enjoy it and remember how much your loved one adored it as well.


Even if you have no food at all, it’s always a good idea to have some drinks on hand. That might mean bottled water and picture of tea and lemonade or an assortment of soda cans in a cooler for people to grab. Emotions and crying can make people very thirsty and hydrating after the service just plain feels like a good idea.

Finger Foods

You might not have a place for everyone to sit down, so offer items that are easy to grab and eat while standing up, perhaps even without utensils. You can have assorted nuts and candies on the table or things like crackers, chips, and other things that you can eat with your hands.

cremation services in Westbury, NY


Mealtime or not, it can be hard to eat before a memorial service and the guests in attendance may very well be hungry. You can get some sandwiches that are pre-made, or just get the things to make sandwiches with, and whoever wants one can make their own. These things are good to take home with you, too, to feed the family during the times you don’t feel like cooking through the grief.

There are lots of other snack options and you can talk to your family and see what they would enjoy and what they want to have available. Small meals are always an option as are restaurant private rooms so everyone can order what they want. But if you just want snacks, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. When you work on the cremation services in Westbury, NY with the professionals at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home, we are here for every type of advice you need, even if that means talking about the snacks you might want to have at the reception. We can offer suggestions and options that we have seen work well before or completely unique ideas that you might be interested in trying. We are here for you through every step of the planning process.

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