Working With Funeral Homes On Everything

Posted on June 7, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under funeral home
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funeral homes in Westbury, NY

When you have a loved one pass on and you contact funeral homes in Westbury, NY, they are going to help with the final services. But one thing you might not know when you start working with them right away is that you can use them for pretty much everything you need for the process from start to finish. It’s a nice way to streamline the process and work with just one set of professionals. Here are some things they can help you with.

The Casket

If you are going with a traditional funeral and burial, you are going to need to choose a casket for your loved one. While you can get a casket from any vendor and the funeral home will use it. It is often much easier to work with the funeral home to order the casket you want. They also have a variety of caskets on the location that you can choose between to find just the right option. They know what they are doing with caskets so asking them questions you might have will give you the details you want.

The Cemetery Plot

You are more than welcome to research cemeteries and get all of the details there lined up on your own as well, but the funeral home has professionals that work with cemeteries on a regular basis. They know what cemeteries are in the area, what plots they have available, what their rules are, and what might be a good fit for your family member, your budget, and the services you want to have for them.

The Headstone

You are going to want to place a headstone at the cemetery plot you choose and you can work with the funeral home on that option as well. They will likely have options and even if they don’t, they will have the details you need to fill out and consider and they can work with the vendor directly for you so you have one less contact to make. They can help you follow any rules or regulations the cemetery you choose might have in place and get everything lined up well for you.

funeral homes in Westbury, NY

Reception Options

While the funeral home might not do food for reception themselves, they do work with caterers and restaurants often so they know what’s out there and what options might suit your needs for the reception after the funeral. They are there to help with every detail of the service, even the parts that come after the main elements.

When you are working with funeral homes in Westbury, NY, don’t be shy about asking for help with things, even if you aren’t sure what all they handle. Even if there are certain things they don’t do, they can direct you towards the right professionals for that particular job. You can count on the experts at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home to be there for you every step of the planning and implementation process. We also have grief resources that you might need later.