What Can You Cremate With A Loved One?

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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If you have decided that cremation services in Westbury, NY are the right thing to do for your loved one who has passed on recently, you may not realize that you can actually send certain things into the crematory with them to be cremated at the same time. It can give you peace of mind and it’s a nice thought and sentiment. Here are some of the things you might include along with your loved one during the cremation process.


You can have your family members write letters to your loved ones, saying goodbye, telling them how much they love them, and other such things. Those letters can then be placed with them during the cremation process. It’s a nice way to send your thoughts along with them and writing things out might even allow you to process the loss and get a little closure over the situation.


You want your loved ones to have a family with them every step of the way and one of the ways you can do that in a symbolic nature is to send a family photo with them. You can send individual pictures, group shots, or whatever you want with your loved one so they have the members of their family with them in the crematory.

Clothing Items

Your loved one can wear whatever you want through the cremation process and those clothing items might be very special to you and to them. You won’t want to send them into the crematory in anything that you want to keep, but you might put them in a shirt with their favorite sports team on it or with a shirt of yours in their arms so it’s like you are holding them close during the process. There are plenty of options and many have sentimental value.

Stuffed Animals

If you want your loved one to have something to hold onto during the cremation process, it might give you peace of mind to have a stuffed animal in the crematory with them. That is especially comforting for you if it’s a child who has passed on. Again, make sure whatever you send in with them isn’t something you want to have back.

cremation services in Westbury, NY


If your loved one adored books, you can send a paperback version of their favorite in with them. That’s a symbolic way to acknowledge one of their favorite pastimes and to give them something they love to take along with them, in a way.

There are other items you could consider sending with your loved one through cremation services in Westbury, NY and if you want to consider any of them, the professionals at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home are here to talk you through the options. If you want to send something and you aren’t sure what yet, we can talk to you about the things that other people have done or brainstorm ideas alongside you to get the right fit for your family that would give you peace of mind.