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Grief begins when we start to process what has happened and how we will deal with it. For many, the end of a funeral service or cremation services, Westbury, NY is also their last chance to say one final goodbye. But it does not have to be that way. After you properly say farewell, if you decide that you want to remember them on a regular basis (depending on how important they were for you), there is a way to do so that might be ideal for you. Mourning jewelry is considered a beautiful and thoughtful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. It has been a way of honoring the dead for centuries. In this guide, Roslyn Heights Funeral Home will explain what it is and where or when did it see its beginnings.

What is it?

Cremation jewelry holds the cremains of your loved one, but it can also hold a lock of their hair, dried flowers from their service, or other small tokens. Get creative in order to really personalize this experience.


Its origins go back as far as the ancient Romans. Some research even suggests that it might have been earlier than that, where cremation jewelry saw its beginnings. Archeologists have found a variety of jewelry from centuries ago that incorporates bones and teeth. As it is true that multiple options are available to deal with the sense of loss that is left behind after someone we love dies; there is something about jewelry that reminds you of a loved one, that is very special. Although mourning jewelry isn’t the trend that it once was, there are far more options than ever before.

Variety of remembrance jewelry items

You can find a wide variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces, lockets, and other remembrance jewelry items, many of which can be engraved. Manufacturing techniques allow for fingerprints and photographs to be engraved directly onto jewelry.

Most common materials

The most common and popular material used today in cremation jewelry is sterling silver. Gold is often chosen for its value and resistance to corrosion. A more modern option is white gold which is created by using a mixture of pure gold and other white metals. Glass cremation jewelry is a newer concept that evolved as our ability to blow glass developed.

cremation services, Westbury, NY

Ways to wear the love and honor their existence

Often worn as a pendant on a necklace are subtle and contain a small portion of ashes of the person they’re designed to commemorate.

Genuine diamonds made from the ashes of someone who’s passed on, these gemstones can be placed in all kinds of beautiful settings to form cremation jewelry.

Hair memorial jewelry was created by craftsmen who also worked as wigmakers or hair artists and could be quite expensive. Over time hair memorial jewelry has gained popularity, especially amongst pet owners.

Mourning rings often bear a name, death date, and a symbol or word that is meaningful to the person being commemorated.

Cremation services, Westbury, NY Cremation opens a wide range of possibilities for memorialization, from columbaria and niches to urns, memorial jewelry, and even stunning pieces of art.