How to Emotionally Prepare for a Funeral

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under funeral home
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Whether it’s a family member, part of your inner circle, co-worker, neighbor, or family friend, preparing yourself emotionally for someone’s funeral is hard. But it is achievable if you follow these tips from funeral homes in Westbury, NY, gained from years of experience.

Don’t Detach Yourself

It is natural for you to try and shut off your mind to avoid feeling the pain of the loss. However, this is not the best strategy.

It is much better to open yourself up to your feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions to their death.

You give yourself greater control over the wave of emotions you will encounter at the funeral when you do that.

Keep Active

Preparing emotionally for a funeral is about getting a handle on your feelings so you can get through the day and the ones after. Staying physically healthy helps.

On a physical level, grief causes loss of appetite, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, and pains. When you are not physically fit, it is hard for the mind to be either.

As a result, keep a good eye on your body before and after the funeral. Drink plenty of water, about eight glasses a day. Eat low effort nutritious foods like raw vegetables, hard-boiled eggs.

You can also meditate and engage in activities like leisure swimming, gym, walking, or hiking.

Create a routine out of a combination of any to keep your body healthy. It will put you in a better position to cope.

Talk to Someone (Therapist or Support Network)

The overwhelming nature of a funeral means it is very likely for everything to come pouring out if you bottle your feelings. Before the day, find a way to express yourself in a safe space where you can ugly cry (if you want) and let out the pain.

This could be with a therapist or your friends and family, some of whom might be reaching out to you right now. You could also talk to your clergy or a grief counselor.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings with someone else, you could get them out by writing in a private journal.

Ask for Support

At the funeral, having someone with you can help manage your emotions. To help you breathe when you need to or keep others from overwhelming you.

This person could be anyone. A friend, co-worker, or partner, as long as it is someone who understands you.

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Speak less and listen more

Few people know what to say at a funeral. This makes funerals awkward gatherings where someone might say something insensitive or self-absorbed. Some people might even ask you to relive the circumstances of their death.

There is a tendency for comments like this to trigger harsh responses and comments. But by speaking less, you can maintain respectful interactions with others and focus on celebrating the deceased’s life.

Also, don’t feel the need to keep a strong face. It is okay to cry if you need to, especially if it makes you feel better and more in control of your emotions.

Overall, you don’t have to prepare for a funeral alone. Feel free to reach out to funeral homes in Westbury, NY, like us, at Rosyln Heights Funeral Home. Our director and staff have the experience and insight to make your funeral easier for you and those you love. Call us now or stop by our location to let us help and support any way we can.