What Men should Wear to a Funeral

Posted on December 20, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under funeral home
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Movies and general etiquette say a black or dark-colored suit is the socially acceptable outfit to wear to a funeral. But what if you don’t have one? That should and is not a reason to skip the funeral. Here are alternatives worth considering, according to funeral homes in Manhasset, NY.

White or dark-colored long-sleeved shirt

A plain white shirt is the traditional choice for funeral dress shirts, and thus, an acceptable alternative to a suit. Just make sure it is not an old white, i.e., turned off-white. If the white has faded, you should get a new one.

You could also go with a dark-toned dress shirt if you are not a fan of the traditional white shirt. Naturally, a dark-colored tie should go with it.

Whatever color you choose, though, it should be long-sleeved. A short-sleeved shirt is too casual and devalues the seriousness of the occasion.

Sport Coat, Dress Shirt, Necktie, and Dress Pants

Is a plain colored shirt too boring? Grab a sport coat or blazer if you have one with a necktie and dress pants. The coat or blazer should be dark-colored, and so should the pants and tie.

Black, gray, or navy are common and adequate choices. Brown or tan is fine, but only when either is your only option.

If you plan on borrowing the sport coat, make sure it is close to your size. Yes, a sport coat is typically looser than a suit jacket, but it should not be too big.

Sweater and Dress Pants

Want something suitable for the weather or don’t own a proper dress shirt and tie? A nice sweater works for a funeral, as long as it is dark and has a lowkey pattern.

Color and pattern are the two most essential qualities in an appropriate funeral sweater. Still, generally, a fine knit is better than a thick cable sweater.

This does not apply to a sweatshirt as it is not appropriate funeral clothing.

Polo and Khakis

Another acceptable alternative to a suit is a polo and khaki. The rules are no different from other dress styles—dark colors like black, navy blue, or dark gray for polo and khakis.

A polo and khaki is the most casual option on this list, so make sure to avoid being too casual by tucking in the shirt and wearing dress shoes. Don’t forget to complete the ensemble by wearing a black or brown belt.

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Always Dress Shoes

It is easy to think any footwear works if you are not wearing a suit. That is not true. Whatever combination you choose, you should always wear dress shoes.

Never wear sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops unless there is a specific introduction to do so. They are casual footwear that negates the mood of the day and attracts unnecessary attention.

When choosing dress shoes, acceptable options are loafers, oxfords, and wingtips. Also, ensure the shoes are clean and in good shape.

As for color, always go dark, so black or brown works.

Either of these options works for a funeral. But a funeral is more about paying respects than adhering to social etiquette.

If you need help planning a funeral with a casual dress code, reach out to funeral homes in Manhasset, NY, like us, at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. Our experts will help plan a funeral that aligns with your preferences. Call us today or visit our location to get started.