Affordable Burial Options: Direct Burial

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Not everyone who seeks out burial services from Albertson, NY funeral homes wants an elaborate burial. For some, a simple burial without fanfare is all they desire. To these people, direct burial is the best solution.

A direct burial is a burial option where the body gets buried within days after death. There’s no formal funeral service, no graveside committal service. It’s a no-frills burial that’s as stress-free as it is affordable.

In a direct burial, there’s no need for an expensive casket. The body is placed in a simple container, and because it happens within a few days after death, embalming is unnecessary. Thus, direct burial allows you to avoid two major funeral expenses.

But the advantages don’t end there:

Benefits of a Direct Burial

Besides helping families save money, direct burial also offers a reprieve from the stress of funeral planning. There’s no need for logistics and catering to guests, and almost all funeral shopping needs are eliminated.

With direct burial, there’s very little to plan for, and some funeral homes even let you make the arrangements online.

This stress-free approach gives family members the room to support one another in a difficult time emotionally. They have the mental bandwidth to be there for each other in ways they might be too busy with if it were a traditional burial.

And families are free to have a memorial or celebration of life service organized after at their convenience.

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How Do Direct Burials Work?

Direct burial works like a traditional funeral in that the general idea remains the same: the body goes into a casket and ends up underground in a cemetery.

The difference in execution lies in the granular details, i.e., the timeline of events, which is significantly shorter.

  1. First, after making arrangements with a funeral home, they collect the body from the place of death.
  2. The funeral home handles the relevant and necessary paperwork, such as burial and death certificates. It may also include a sign-off from the medical examiner in case of a suspicious death.
  3. After completing the paperwork, the funeral home transports the body to the cemetery for burial.

That’s pretty much it. Depending on the funeral home and other official necessities, the body can be buried within 48 hours after death.

At the burial, and should the cemetery allow, a family can hold a small farewell service on their own. However, this may attract a small fee, adding to the overall cost of the burial.

Cost of a Direct Burial

Choosing a direct burial means spending less than you would on a traditional burial, but it still has its costs. Here’s a cost breakdown of what you still have to pay for:

  • Casket
  • Burial plot
  • Headstone

Those are the three major direct burial expenses, but there are more. You also have to pay the funeral home for basic services. The services include:

  • Preparing and filing the required paperwork
  • Transportation of the body to the funeral home or cemetery
  • Storing the body
  • Making cemetery arrangements

Overall, the total costs depend on the funeral home and personal choices. Still, a direct burial costs less than $2,000, without cemetery costs.

Get the most out of choosing direct burial by contacting us. Our Albertson, NY funeral home offers transparent and flexible pricing. We are committed to helping families honor their loved ones in an affordable way. Call us now to get started with arrangements.

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