How to Decide Between Cremation or Burial

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Cremation may be the more popular option in recent years, but the choice remains a complex, difficult personal decision. Before making arrangements with a Manhasset, NY, funeral home, there are a few considerations.

If you’re still trying to decide, we explain the most important factors to consider below.

Religious Beliefs

For many people, their religious beliefs drive the conflict over choosing between cremation or burial.

Most major Christian denominations and Judaism have okayed cremation with certain caveats. In eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, cremation is acceptable and even preferred.

In summary, for most religions, it’s no longer the unacceptable option it used to be. Still, it remains a matter of personal conviction, and it’s best to seek the advice of a religious leader to guide our choice.

And if you’re deciding on the deceased person’s behalf, and they were deeply religious, it’s advisable to go with a burial. It is the option that’s less likely to attract guilt.

Respect for the Deceased’s Body

Certain cultures and faiths believe that a burial is more respectful of the deceased’s memory and body. Others, like Hindus and Buddhists, believe the opposite, and cremation is explicitly required.

There’s no wrong or right belief. Objectively, funeral homes treat all bodies with respect and care, regardless of the chosen disposition method. And there are services specifically crafted to honor their memory.


There’s a widespread assumption that cremation is cheaper than burial. While true in many regards, it ultimately depends on the services and products you buy.

A cremation with viewing is more expensive than a direct natural burial, which doesn’t include paying for any service, vault, or casket. But a direct cremation is less expensive than a direct burial.

Thus, when deciding between cremation or burial, it’s better to get a price breakdown of the services and products you need to see which one works for you.

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Environmental Impact

Environmentally conscious people consider cremation the eco-friendlier option, but it’s not as clear-cut. There are pros and cons to both burial and cremation.

A burial involves the use of embalming fluids and metal/wood caskets, but a significant amount of pollutants are released during cremation too.

The environmental impact of either option depends on how you use them. Aquamation (water cremation) is greener than flame-based cremation.

So is a natural burial, which doesn’t involve embalming fluids or caskets. But a flame-based cremation is greener than a traditional burial, even if not by much.


Finally, it depends on how much personalization you want at your funeral. Cremation is more flexible than a burial. The ashes are portable and can be stored or spread in most places, so there are countless options for a final resting place.

This expands the breadth of what a person’s funeral can be. You can hold the memorial service in the deceased’s favorite park and have the ashes spread from the sky. Your family can choose to go on a road trip with the urn, spreading portions of the ashes in special locations along the way.

The bottom line is deciding between cremation or burial comes down to what you want out of the funeral. Both are respectful, beautiful ways to honor a loved one’s memory.

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