Helpful Tips for maintaining an Urn after Cremation

Posted on November 1, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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Urns are not just storage containers for the remains of a loved one. They are objects of emotion and sentiment. Usually, if you buy an urn from a cremation service in Manhasset, NY, they will teach you how to take proper care of it.

But it is also helpful to learn additional ways to maintain them, especially if you ever transfer the remains from one urn to another.

This guide contains tips on cleaning and caring for various urn materials.

Wood Urns

Wood is one of the popular materials for modern-day urns. Like most things made out of the material, maintenance primarily involves protecting it from the elements.

  • Avoid direct sunlight: Overexposure to the sun can cause the wood tone to fade and crack because of the heat. It is also good practice to avoid long-term exposure to rain and snow.
  • Clean twice a month: Regularly clean the urn’s outer surface with a gentle wipe down with a soft dry cloth to remove dust buildup. Avoid using harsh chemicals or substances, including water.
  • Polish twice a year: Once or twice a year, polish the surface of the wooden urn. Make sure to use suitable polish for the wood type and rub gently. It will restore the shine and sheen.

Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns are popular because they are beautiful and traditional. However, they are fragile and prone to unintended breakage. Here is how to protect them.

  • Store away from foot traffic: Avoid placing the ceramic urn anywhere it could suffer from accidental toppling. This means keeping it on a sturdy shelf or tabletop.
  • Clean with soft dry cloth: Do not use water to clean accumulated dirt from the urn. It will damage the surface. Instead, wipe gently with a soft dry cloth.

Metal Urns

Even if the material is substantially more resistant to permanent damage, these tips will help you keep your metal urn shiny and attractive.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight: Long-term exposure to the sun can warp metal over time. Store your metal urn in a cool, dry, and safe place away from direct sunlight to preserve the quality.
  • Wipe with dry cotton cloth: Water is not great for metal because it causes rust. Avoid using a damp cloth to clean the urn. Use a dry cotton cloth instead to remove dirt and dust.
  • Polish a few times a year: To maintain the shiny look, apply polish to the surface couple of times a year. You can also use a standard car cleaner.
  • Avoid abrasive substances: Do not use chemical cleaners to wipe the urn. Also, avoid using abrasive scrubs like steel wool or bristle brushes. They cause scratches and damage the urn’s sheen.

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Glass and Marble Urns

Glass and marble urns are increasingly popular. Here is how to take care of one.

  • Store away from high traffic: Beautiful as they may be, they are fragile. Keep the urn away from human and animal traffic, especially children and pets.
  • Clean with cloth and water: Use soft cloth and water to clean. Make sure to dry the urn immediately after with a dry cloth.
  • Clean with solution quarterly: Every three months, clean the exterior with a glass cleaning solution. Do not use acid-based products. A chemical-free cleaner, however, is acceptable.

That is how to maintain your urn for different types of material. For more questions about taking care of your urn or help to get one, reach out to cremation services in Manhasset, NY, like us at Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. Our experts will help you choose the appropriate urn for your ethnicity or religion. You can stop by our location or give us a call right now to get started.