Ideas on What to Do with the Ashes after Cremation

Posted on December 6, 2021 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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More people opt for the cremation of their loved ones these days. With several reputable options, there is no difficulty in finding capable cremation services in Westbury, NY. But what should you do with ashes besides keeping them in an urn?

The possibilities are practically endless, and here are a few of them.

Turn them into Jewelry Keepsake

Whether it is a ring, necklace, or bracelet, turning a fraction of the ashes into jewelry is practical usage and a wonderful way to feel close to the deceased.

It only requires a tiny amount to create one jewelry object, so you can use the ashes to create multiple keepsakes.

Travel the world with them

This depends on the personality of your loved one. If they had a passion for traveling or had somewhere they always wanted to visit, take their ashes with you in an urn and go there.

If you don’t plan on keeping the ashes forever, this could be an ideal place to spread their ashes and say your final goodbye.

Internment of the ashes

Internment is not exclusively for traditional funerals. You could also keep the ashes of a loved one after cremation in a dedicated and permanent place.

This could either be a burial plot, urn garden, a niche in a columbarium, or a burial vault. If you have private land, you could bury the ashes there too.

Scatter the ashes at sea

This is a popular option and for a good reason. The sea is one of the most impressive forms of Nature, and scattering the ashes symbolizes the cycle of life.

It is also a good idea if the deceased loved the beach or enjoyed spending time on the water, like a boating enthusiast or surfer.

Turn them into a plant

Burying the ashes of a loved one in the garden is not only a growing practice but a deeply personal one too. You get to keep them close by, and the constant nurturing creates the sense they live on in another form.

It is also an excellent idea if they loved the environment. All you need is a biodegradable ashes container (urn) and a piece of land you own.

Get a tattoo

You might get a tattoo in their memory anyway, so why not do it with their ashes? Tattoos have been used for decades as a memorial, and some studios use body ink containing a loved one’s ashes.

You deliver the ashes, and they mix it with the ink to help you create a unique memorial tattoo.

cremation services in Westbury, NY

Send them into the heavens

Sending off your loved one to a better place doesn’t have to be figurative anymore. Some companies offer the service of launching and scattering the deceased’s ashes in space.

Methods differ for each company, but a common one involves filling meteorological balloons with helium in biodegradable urns. When it reaches the edge of space at about 100,000 feet, the balloon bursts and spreads the ashes across the earth.

Other ideas include turning the ashes into stones, art pieces and storing them in a cuddly toy. As long as you have the resources, you can do anything you imagine with the ashes, starting with giving them a proper farewell with a reputable cremation service.

You can reach out to one like us, Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. We are a cremation service in Westbury, NY. Our experts are ready to help you give your loved ones the final disposition they deserve. Call us or visit our location today to get started.