5 Advantages of Direct Cremation

Posted on April 25, 2022 by Roslyn Heights Funeral Home under cremation
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cremation services in Westbury, NY

When you settle on cremation services in Westbury, NY, as the final disposition, there are a variety of cremation packages to choose from. There is cremation with a memorial service, traditional cremation, etc.

Direct cremation is another type. No service is involved, and the body is cremated and given to the family without fanfare. The popularity of this type of cremation is growing by the day because of its significant advantages. Here they are.

Easy to plan

Generally speaking, cremation services are easier to plan than burial services. But this difference is only marginal, especially when it is cremation with a memorial service or a celebration of life ceremony.

A direct cremation, however, needs almost zero planning. There are no decisions to make about services, and you can set it up and receive the ashes with little effort on your part.

More affordable than every other option

Because it does not include services, direct cremation is highly affordable. In fact, short of donating the body to science, it is the cheapest form of all types of final disposition.

With direct cremation, you will be eliminating several costs such as the casket, embalming, burial plot, transportation fees, and more.

Of course, the exact degree of affordability ultimately depends on the funeral home providing this service. But the fundamental makeup of direct cremation means it is always less costly than any other form of cremation.

cremation services Westbury, NY

Faster process

Direct cremation typically takes place outside of peak crematorium hours. This means it is a faster process since there is no need to make additional arrangements.

It is also very straightforward. The body is transported to the cremation provider’s facility, the family completes the proper paperwork, and the cremation begins.

The entire process takes between a few hours to a couple of days. This hastened timeline is handy for some families. The sooner the cremation is finalized, the earlier they can find closure instead of dragging things out.

Very flexible

For people with families scattered all over the country, direct cremation provides all-important flexibility. Rather than spending their mourning period navigating scheduling conflicts, families can organize whatever they want, wherever they are, and whenever it is convenient.

Also, since it requires little to zero planning, families can organize direct cremation remotely and have the ashes shipped to their location.

More environmentally friendly

Cremation carries a lesser carbon footprint than burial services, and none has a lower footprint than direct cremation.

There is no need to embalm, so you won’t be leaching harmful chemicals into the ground. There is no need for family and guests to travel for service, saving you energy on transport.

Also, the body goes into the cremation machine almost immediately, making long-term refrigeration unnecessary.

All these are reasons why many people are turning to direct cremation services in Westbury, NY. If it sounds like it is a good option for you or a loved one, our funeral home can help you make the small but necessary arrangements. Contact us today for all your cremation planning needs.